Big Music

Wouldn’t you like a dollar for every time you heard someone honk the car in front of them at the Ernest/Alexander Street intersection’s traffic lights? The reason for the driver’s inattention is usually the spectacular sight of Big Music’s landmark store, which dominates the intersection.

Big Music’s mission statement is “To make a Difference to People’s Lives through Music”.
Its not just an emporium-style retail outlet selling guitars, electric keyboards, drum kits and even harmonicas, it also contains a studio performing space, tuition rooms, where it’s nurturing the next generation of rock musicians with lessons, holiday schools, runs professional development courses for music teachers, multimedia workshops and provides a service where young musicians can hook up with the right band.

The challenge with Big Music’s signage was, according to Design Portfolio, to come up with graphics which appealed to a wide range of customers and avoided either a bland or austere corporate brand message and grunge look (bearing in mind that many rockers and customers in the store would be guys in their forties and fifties reliving their youth) yet managed to stand out in what is an incredibly visually hectic setting and, last but by no means least, remained environmentally conscious.

Design Portfolio praised Brand Fuel for their creative ingenuity.

“We have used Geoff Dignam and his team on numerous occasions. I especially appreciate the way Geoff keeps us up to speed with what’s hot and what’s not in materials,” Design Portfolio said.

The impressive Image Wallpaper consists of musicians’ silhouettes and iconic song titles over slat wall display surfaces, exterior windows and sales counters. The signage includes references on the stairs to the upper floor leading the customer to “heaven”. Illuminated displays and signage panels resonate throughout the store and awnings and tie back into the orange theme used in Big Music’s logo and branding.