The Australian Museum – Backyard Adventures

Remember when school excursions to the museum consisted of looking at fossils in glass vases in gloomy halls and being lectured by droning guides who themselves looked Paleolithic?

The Australian Museum’s Amazing Backyard Adventures exhibition is a family-friendly and highly interactive and a wittily enjoyable experience to inspire budding young scientists to see the unseen in the natural world found right outside their back door!

In this fantasy world you can walk through a grass lawn magnified thirty times where the blades of grass are like swords and see a snail the size of a small dog, and navigate your way around the garden as though you were an insect!

Brand Fuel enhanced the backyard fantasy by creating Image Wallpaper 9m wide x 2.4m high across the exhibition space entrance with profile cut digital printed blades of grass against sky blue painted walls to give the impression of an insect’s eye journey.

One of the most striking graphic components of the exhibition is a computer cut silhouette style of a boy riding on a bee which is produced using contrasting matt and gloss colored vinyl’s, and directional signposts, installed in the hallway and walls of the adjacent exhibition space to continue the theme throughout the museum.