Dick Smith

Brand Fuel played an integral role in delivering an extensive treatment of graphics and signage solutions to more than 500 Dick Smith Electronics stores in Australia and New Zealand. The re-brand project phased out the iconic face of Dick Smith – Australia’s favourite geek, from its logo and encompassed Dick Smith, Tandy and Powerhouse stores, which at the time fell under the Woolworths umbrella. The new brand incorporated an ubiquitous speech bubble, which was strategically used for advertising communications.

The retail environment contained a bright and spacious format with clearly delineated product areas and displays. The rebrand achieved a much simpler cleaner design with lower shelving so customers could see the products range easily and quickly.

3D laser cut acrylic lettering was used as department signage and an extensive application of Image wallpaper and interchangeable graphic panels produced by Brand Fuel were installed around the entire perimeter of the store. The combination of graphics and signage was used to create zones, which made the store easy to navigate and helped reinforce a welcoming and supportive retail ambience. Lifestyle imagery graphics were also installed onto the inside face of sliding glass doors on product showcases throughout the store.