Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens located 30 minutes north of Brisbane’s CBD at Carseldine, offers 1.5 ha of inspiration (and temptation, but not the type which leads you from the path of virtue) and Brand Fuel’s ubiquitous presence has not only demonstrated its green thumbs but also enhanced its eco credentials.

It joins the award-winning flagship Eden Gardens center at North Ryde.
Eden Gardens offers one-stop shopping experience for contemporary living solutions, high quality products and an enchanted garden of delights and inspiration for your home and garden.

It encompasses a water feature, Dragonfly Café, education center and children’s play precinct. The center stocks thousands of species of native, tropical and rare plants, gifts, home wares, pet products, kids’ stuff, books.

Brand Fuel’s contribution to the ambience and spirit of Eden Gardens is apparent from the moment you enter with a striking and unmissable Welcome Wall incorporating image wallpaper graphics and large laser cut “Welcome” letters that stand on the wall’s top edge for maximum impact.

Inside the store, additional laser cut signage has also been incorporated into the service counter mounted to the face of colorful Image wallpaper.

Impressive oversized panels bearing “words of wisdom” such as A beautiful garden is a work of heart, There are no garden mistakes, only experiments, and a more earthy approach, Fancy a dirty weekend? are installed onto the bulkheads around the entire store.

A Brand Fuel feature is the 2.5m high block out Image Mesh banners viewed hanging by cable from the nearly 8m high ceilings and feature a rustic hessian look emphasized by the texture of the material used.

More rustic inspiration is apparent in the signage produced directly onto raw plywood panels throughout the center with witty “instructions”.

Image glass graphics of stylized palm leaves adorn the exteriors of the building and across doors and adjustable louvers and profile cut similarly stylised autumn leaves produced on optically Clear Film are installed onto other glazed sections around the center.

Finally, perhaps the pièce de résistance or floral jewel in the crown is a feature wall in the office space dominated by an outsized image of a tropical icon the Frangipani flowers, reproduced so graphically and beautifully by Brand Fuel you can almost smell their seductive fragrance!