Pre-Press / Artwork File Specifications


Please supply artwork as high-resolution print PDF files with all fonts and logos outlined.

Alternatively, please supply the original / native Adobe working files packaged with all links used in the artwork (images, fonts, logos etc).

Please always supply a hardcopy with your artwork or PDF softcopy for reference purposes.

For profile cutting applications, knife lines should be supplied as a separate layer in a contrasting colour on the artwork file.


The resolution of artwork files should be as follows:

Large Format Digital: 150dpi at final output size
Dye-sublimation: 150dpi at final output size
Offset: 300dpi at final output size
Screen Print: 150dpi at final output size

Image Bleed

Small Format Print: 5mm all around (10mm overall)
Large Format Print: 20mm all around (40mm overall)

Note: Crop marks should be offset for large format print so that the crop marks fall outside the image bleed area.

Please always refer to any special instructions as bleed requirements vary depending on the application and production process (the above specifications are a general guideline only).


Please supply artwork at 100% where practical.

If artwork has been scaled down in proportion to the final output size (i.e. 10% / 20% / 50% etc), please detail the proportion in the file name (E.g. _10%.pdf / _25%.pdf / _50%.pdf etc).

Pantone Colours

Please remember that large format printers cannot match Pantone spot colours perfectly.

Individual Pantone spot colours should always be clearly specified on your hard copy or PDF reference file.

If you are unsure about the final quality of your file or need to colour match we recommend that you proof on the final stock prior to final production.

File Delivery

Artwork may be supplied by email where files are less than 10MB.

File transfer services such as WeTransfer, Hightail or DropBox etc should be used where files are greater than 10MB.