Brand Fuel worked with CSR to create what is undoubtedly the work environment of the future.

The graphic solutions and fit out for the project were designed and constructed within the guidelines set by the Green Building Council of Australia to achieve a 5 Green Star Rating.
Brand Fuel created and installed Image Glass graphics on extensive glazed surfaces throughout the office in meeting rooms and staff break out areas (designed for staff to enjoy a conversation with colleagues over lunch or an espresso in the morning to start the day). The graphics showcase both CSR building products in a dramatic, highly original and revolutionary way and also CSR employees at work, emphasizing the notion that our employees are our greatest asset.

The graphics produced by Brand Fuel utilise leading edge digital print technology allowing for the print application of white ink in addition to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key black) – the basis of all four colour printing. The use of white, especially in lifestyle silhouettes, creates a striking contrast when used throughout opaque glazing films, as both are visible from either side of the glass.

The shapes of CSR building products – bricks, layered glass and pipes are seen from unconventional angles with other shapes superimposed across solid walls. The walls also provide the basis for colourful, mural-style panels with mission statements picked out in raised laser cut acrylic lettering against an eco friendly background to stress CSR’s environmental credentials. Other murals appear in recreational areas designed to humanise the ambience, a by-product of which usually increases productivity and creativity.

Corporate foyers tend to be either beige/bland or pompously pretentious. Not any more! Perhaps the biggest impact of Brand Fuel’s work comes in the foyer, where a chequerboard corporate time line display with highly colourful photos of the iconic Australian company beginning in 1855 up to its diversified contemporary operations create an almost kaleidoscopic effect. The display has been described by one CSR employee as a “visionary exercise”.

The Frame-tex display using tensioned fabric graphics mounted in a stylish Aluminum frame is installed in a pattern, which wraps around the corner of a wall and is produced in alternating heights to created a 3D effect. The use of fabric proved effective given the high print quality and non-reflective surface.
Meeting and training rooms doors each have an interchangeable corporate identity signage system in Aluminium finish to display the room number and location and whether or not it is “in use’ or “occupied”. Each room has its own name, inspired by a CSR product or historical association.

The images are a synthesis of a company with a proud past and a dynamic future.