Calvin Klein

The word “iconic” has been overused in recent years to the point of having become a cliché, but in the case of Calvin Klein jeans and underwear, the accolade is surely warranted.

The company was also a trailblazer in using celebrities to promote its products. Who could forget the 1980s commercial, which featured the then 15 year old Brooke Shields as the ultimate tease as she pouted and purred about nothing coming between her and her Calvin Klein jeans?

The ad catapulted Calvin Klein into super designer status and the brand has never looked back since.

Calvin Klein has been steadily increasing its retail profile in Australia with the introduction of CK Jeans and underwear specialist stores.

The newest CK Jeans store in the World Square development in Sydney’s Haymarket radiates an über cool, almost minimalist chic ambience, except for the grand format billboard size light wall 3.5m wide x 3m high. Set inside the window display, it raises the temperature dramatically with all the seductiveness of Brooke Shields 30 years ago.

The impact of Brand Fuel’s billboard really is enough to stop you in your tracks.

The effect of brand Fuel’s efforts at the high end CK Underwear concept stores in the Chatswood Chase NSW and Robina QLD, energise the mood of the store and help to make even the purchase a hot experience.

Floor to ceiling CK Underwear imagery produced by Brand Fuel in illuminated light walls is fitted with eco-friendly tensioned fabric graphics.