Shop fit & VM cable

Brand Fuel’s Shop Fit and VM Cable range covers a myriad of display applications for printed graphics and signage.

Cable configurations include floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall and wall-to-floor installations catering to almost any setting.

Popular in VM windows, reception areas and retail environments, Brand Fuel’s Shop Fit and VM Cable range can be used to suspend poster frames, Acrylic holders, wall mounted signage panels and more.

Cable Systems

Floor to ceiling (4m)
Wall to wall (Swivel connector, cable 4m)

Cable Accessories

Single vertical
panel support
Single multi-directional
panel support
Double vertical
panel support
Double multi-directional
panel support
Single top/bottom
panel support
Shelf support
Top edge panel support
Tube support
Single support
with boss
Decorative disc

Wall Mount Accessories

shelf/panel support
panel support
Large sign
Medium sign
Small long
sign support