Light Box – Slimline Peel Face

The Slimline Peel Face light box presents itself as a sleek looking illuminated display system. The most common uses for its design are within food and retail areas.

We utilise the highest quality light source in it’s manufacture to ensure the maximum output of illumination for your image. The high brightness and even illumination will make your iages stand out when compared to general backlit or other edge-lit illuminated signs.

Perfect for indoor and protected outdoor applications, the Slimline light box provides an acrylic peel face cover requiring a suction cup to remove the cover, making the process of changing posters simple and easy.

The Slimline Peel Face light box can be wall mounted, hinged, recessed, fixed as a freestanding display or suspended using cable hanging systems.


  • Brightest illumination
  • 43mm frame depth
  • 40mm Mask
  • Indoor Use
  • Peel Face
  • Electrically certified
  • Simple image change


The design incorporates the highly effective Prismex edge lighting technology (exclusively licensed from Prismex Technologies P/L), which typically achieves at least a 50% saving in power when compared with conventional backlit signs. The reduced energy consumption also contributes to “Greenhouse gas emission” targets.

Standard sizes range from A2, A1 & A0 and we can custom design and manufacture sizes up to 3000mm x 1200mm.

Custom anodised or powder coat finishes, as well as double-sided models available.

Australian made.