Image Fabric

Today there are endless applications where custom printed fabric is being used – and the quality is unsurpassed.

Image Fabric is produced using dye-sublimation on commercially graded fabrics for a broad range of applications ranging from backlit retail displays to upholstered furniture at trade shows and residential display suites. Today the same high quality dye-sublimation process is even being used to produce custom jerseys and swimsuits and can be used virtually anywhere that fabric is present.

You can’t get a more green or clean printing process than dye-sublimation. We only use water-based dyes that are so environmentally friendly they can be safely poured down the sink.


  • Acoustic panel systems
  • Upholstered furniture and wall panel systems
  • Backdrops for film and TV (particularly favorable because of its non-reflective nature)
  • Banner and flag applications
  • Hoarding solutions (construction site fences and scaffolding)
  • Wrapped image frames
  • Interchangeability – Graphics can be used, stored and easily interchanged