Opti Max Self Adhesive Film

Opti Max is an optically clear film that allows for an array of exciting creative graphic applications.

Opti Max is a film that is applied onto clear panel surfaces including glass and Acrylic without compromising the level of transparency. Once applied, the graphic looks as though it has been printed directly onto the surface itself, when compared with standard clear films that can appear blurred or out of focus in the clear areas of the graphic.

Opti Max can be printed in reverse and applied to the inside of a panel making it vandal proof and weather resistant. It prints beautifully and is the perfect solution for glass applications in office environments on meeting rooms, reception areas as well as retail window displays.


Size: up to 1500mm wide drops
Finish: Optically Clear Gloss
Thickness/ Weight: 0.2mm
Material: Polyester film. Top-coated with exceptional stability, tear strength and printability.