3D Fabricated Signage & Profile Cut Technologies

Brand Fuel provides a full range of profile cutting services including i-cut, router cutting and laser cutting as well as 3D signage fabrication.

Today, with the introduction of i-cut technology, graphics can be easily and quickly profile cut increasing the production efficiency and making profile cut graphics much more accurate and affordable, while also reducing lead times.

Laser and router cutting is the ideal solution for 3D lettering and shapes or signage panels up to approximately 20mm thick before fabrication is then also required to achieve greater depths.

For illuminated signage, 3D fabrication is required to cater for the LED light source and power access.


Size: Vary depending on application.

Finish: Stock media finishes such as Brushed Aluminium as well as paint finishes available

Colour: Varies Material: Varies depending on application and durability required.

Common materials include: PVC, Acrylics, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.