Braille Signage

Brand Fuel provides signs for sighted and vision impaired users.

Interpretive signage with raised lettering and graphics provide all the relevant information as required by the Building Code of Australia (D3.6) and fulfils the requirements of the Australian Standards (1428.1-2001).

All the elements you need for way finding can be supplied by Brand Fuel to give you the perfect level of accessibility and compliance for location signs.

How to order your Braille & Tactile Signs

1. Select the type
(note, all braille signs are of type ADA 10)

2. Select the symbol(s) code

3. Select the material/symbol colour

ADA 10 is the type
M is the male symbol code
BLU/WHT is the blue base with white symbol

Braille signs can be custom-designed

ADA Plastic


Stainless Steel


ADA Plastic